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Eva 18th May 2021 Carer
Hello thinktank,
I am currently working with an elder with some increasing cognitive impairment. Though I’ve asked what kind of things he is interested in, and we have done many fun activities together over the past year, he has seemed to lose all interest in any activities. This is accompanied by some mental confusion (dementia?) whereby he becomes confused about his surroundings and what he is doing as well. He has mentioned just being ready for the end and to be at peace. I would like to support him in the best way possible...any suggestions out there for working with elders in this stage? I’m not sure if I should go more sensory based since our physical and now seemingly mental faculties are becoming limited...any advice welcome. Thank you.
Susan 18th May 2021 Activity Director
Hi Eva
I would work with social service because it seems like this person is depressed
I think he needs to talk with a professional to find out if he is just depressed or getting it ready for the end
If he is really thinking about that then perhaps he should go on hospice to keep him comfortable
If he is depressed perhaps his doctor could prescribe an anti-depressant
Often people who decline cognitively get depressed
Marcea 20th May 2021 Activity Director
Greetings, I assisted a Gentleman who was very similar to this and we each had a copy of his favorite prayer book.
We would take turns reading sections of it.
At some point he could not read out loud so I would read and he followed along in his book.
Then recite his favorite verses.
I also used aromatherapy oil such as cedar and lavender into my hands and sweep it around him also,
To awaken his sense of scent.
Marcy McCallister
Susan 21st May 2021 Activity Director
Hi Marcy
Thank you for sharing this information
It was quite inspirational

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