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Diane 25th May 2021 Activities Director
I have several wandering resident in our Dementia/Alzheimer's Unit. We have tried all that is recommended on this site as well as the Alzheimer's Website and others. I have also read all the other discussions on this site. These residents do not participate in any group activities and it is hard to keep them seated for very long with music therapy. I can only see this behavior slowing if I have an assistant for each wandering resident, and I am unable to find anything else to keep these residents from wandering. Does anyone have any recommendations?
Susan 26th May 2021 Activity Director
Hi Diane
Can be a difficult situation
Have you tried a walking club
Would need a volunteer or staff member to accompany the residents
Some residents just like to wander so as long as they are safe and fairly steady on their feet you could just call the activity a walking club
Hopefully you can get someone to help you
Maybe some other residents will be interested in working too Then you could ask trivia questions or sing as they are walking
Diane 27th May 2021 Activities Director
Thank you for the suggestion. I will talk to my staff about seeing how we can work this into the schedule.

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