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Aurelija 26th May 2021 HCA
Hi we are thinking of purchasing an iPad for a day centre for clients to use. If you are using one could you advise the best size and model please. What activities you found best on iPads.
Thank you
Susan 27th May 2021 Activity Director
Hi Aurelija
Oh my best answer is that depends on what you want to use it for and the ability of people using it
one Thing you want to make sure of keeping the iPad safe and not broken
I had the person using the iPad sign a form so they will be more careful with it
IDeally you should get the biggest size
It also depends on your budget
Can connect the iPad to a TV if they are compatible you want to use iPad for a group
Let me know the purpose of your getting this and I can be more help
Jean 28th May 2021 Activities Coordinator
We use them a lot. The organisation that I work for has subscribed to several programs that offer person centered music, videos, family photos etc. We have 5 x 7" and 3 x 9". they are in covers so that if dropped etc they don't break and can also stand on a table when the residents is viewing. I agree with Susan the bigger the better and you may need to use them with headphones if you are downloading videos, music etc as when you get several playing at once it is noisy . I have times when I have a resident listening to Elvis, another one watching a video of the Tattoo and yet another one listening to a church choir all in the lounge at the same time.
Susan 28th May 2021 Activity Director
Hi Jean
Thank you for this valuable information
It sounds like you have the situation well under control
Jan 3rd Jun 2021
I thinkmy organization has an ipad - not up on the names of a tablet of ipad. It has been set up to mirror on our tv - which means what I have on the screen on the ipad is seen on the tv. Each evening I am working we pull up a couple of quizzes and use the slide show option. The hangman option does not work on my ipad - I really wanted to use that, but think it may be because of the OS on the ipad will not allow it. The resident have loved this & I love love love it!
Susan 4th Jun 2021 Activity Director
Hi Jan
Thank you for this information

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