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Dawn 9th Jun 2021 Gerontology
First of all thanks for everyone's input on ideas during the Covid-19 pandemic. I feel I speak for most that at times it was challenging for even the best of creative minds.
I am in need of help with program ideas for only 1 activity coordinator dealing with group activities. As of June 18th my part-time coordinator is retiring and the other is going on maternity leave. As Director ;I know I can multitask, however would like ideas that are for groups and handling it alone. Any resources would be greatly appreciated. Our program focuses on MIND _ BODY_ SPIRIT.
Thank you
Dawn Baranowski
Director of Activities- Glendale, WI
Susan 9th Jun 2021 Activity Director
Hi Dawn
This is quite a challenge
Do you have volunteers that could help you or maybe high functioning residents that can help you
How about staff members from other departments??
If you are still alone I always said a music activity was good because many people like music
Also exercise is a group good group activity because you could have many participants

Might want to have this board boards
Anyone can take something from this and make an activity out of it or people can do it independently
Dawn 12th Jun 2021 Gerontology
Thank you and much appreciated. :)

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