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Jean 2nd Aug 2021 Activities Coordinator
I work at a care home that is part of a big group. Since COVID our head office has gone 'mad' buying and subscribing to a great deal of technology that offers activities. I am standing my ground and whilst happy to work with technology and, understand that where there is a shortage of staff, technology does play a role. I'm now under pressure to use the new programs that have been brought in on a 6 month trial period, much of which is unsuitable, so I am compiling lots of feedback and evidence. The residents prefer a real live entertainer and a real live excercise instructor rather than looking at a screen. I'm interested to hear any comments that you may have on this subject.
Susan 3rd Aug 2021 Activity Director
Hey Jean
I agree that residence like live interaction versus using technology
There are many things you can do that are sort of live but still have social distancing such as

Jean 4th Aug 2021 Activities Coordinator
We use PPE but don't have social distancing any more so having to interest the residents in looking at a screen is quite frustrating. We have a lot of dementia too, one of the ladies became quite cross when we had an exercise program, where the instructor was using music to work with and complained that the man should stop talking so she could hear the song she liked. It is not easy when you are in your 80's and have dementia to relate to this technology. They just want us to take their hand and walk to the lounge with them.
Susan 4th Aug 2021 Activity Director
Hi Jean
This must be very frustrating
Hopefully the administration will see the light
Perhaps you could have some kind of a meeting with residents and family and then let the administration know that all want in person live activities
Jean 5th Aug 2021 Activities Coordinator
Thanks for your support and idea Susan.

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