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Rachelle 8th Sep 2021 Lifestyle Team
I love the calendar helps so much with a community centre based respite ideas which i manage based at Robina in QLD Australia.
We currently have a newer group centre based each Wednesday for approx 4 hours inc morning tea and lunch. A particular dementia client asking what time when can i go home we have various activities but again one man in particular asks every 30 mins we have written on a paper who is taking him home and at what time but again he asks ... any suggestions would be so welcome - how can we keep him busy we have provided him with painting items I'm at a loss of ideas
Susan 9th Sep 2021 Activity Director
Hi Rachelle
Usually folks with dementia asked this question because they don’t feel safe and they need to be reassured that everything is fine
Have him be your helper
I know having them help with a meal even if it’s just setting the table usually distract them from wanting to go home
Tell him you need his help
You can have him sort silverware
What are his favorite things to do perhaps you can adapt some thing at the Center
Let me know if you need more help

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