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Carmel 8th Sep 2021 Family Caregiver
Hello I’m my mother's caregiver and I stumbled on this site and thought why not join to find some activities for her as my mom has dementia. She’s a retired RN young 89 year old and is still in denial, lucid but has memory lapses. She was recently hospitalized for a UTI infection which totally overwhelmed me as she had delirium for about a week. I was looking to find a way to put her on a schedule of activities for the day. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you
Susan 9th Sep 2021 Activity Director
Hi Carmel
How about having her help you with breakfast
Then helping you clean up
She could wash the dishes and start the silverware after it’s cleaned
Perhaps you can do some singing
Have her pick out the clothes she likes to wear
Have her get dressed
Ask her questions about where she worked
Say she is working
Ask her about the people she worked with
Perhaps you could call some of her friends or have them call her
Perhaps she can write a letter to a friend
Tell her she’s on vacation this week so let’s enjoy some free time together
Singing is always good as I said
Trivia questions are fine
Word searches are good
It’s good to do similar things every day
You can make a schedule and tell her this is what we are doing on your vacation
See what happens
Let me know if you need more help
Vicky 14th Sep 2021 Activity Co Ordinator
I work in care with dementia , I try things more challenging early afternoon
Like fun quiz, crosswords and reminiscing using pictures . Art therapy is great and can be a great tool to keep hands and eye co ordination .
Always use large print to help x
Susan 14th Sep 2021 Activity Director
Hi Vicky
Thank you for your input

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