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Emma 16th Sep 2021 Activities Coordinator
I’m hoping to create personalised door signs for each resident in my nursing home. I’ve lots of ideas of what info/images to include but I’m looking for ideas as to how to present them. I may just colour print and laminate then stick up, but does anyone have a smarter solution? Maybe simple frames or something? Thank you. Images of existing examples would also be very welcome.
Deborah 16th Sep 2021 Recreation Officer
When I make signs for the peoples door, I usually use realistic pictures of what they are interested in eg if they like darts or cards or trains I use those types of pictures. I usually use something that is fairly simple and easy to recognise.
Emma 17th Sep 2021 Activities Coordinator
Thanks Deborah do you laminate them? And how do you attach them? (Don’t want it to look too ‘home-spun’!) Have since discovered my manager has bought A4 clip frames, so now wondering how best to include images within them…!
Debi 17th Sep 2021
We do the name on an A4 piece of paper. it is Clear. bold and big to read. we then include a picture of what they enjoy. On the back of it we put an image of a person with a smile saying please do not disturb. for when couples are visiting or families during palliative times. we laminate them. I usually design them with the resident to give them some ownership.
Susan 17th Sep 2021 Activity Director
Hi Debi
Thanks for your information

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