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Elizabeth 7th Apr 2013 Diversional Therapist
I need some advice on placement of a piano in a Dementia unit. Space is limited, and it currently sits (unused) in a corner of the dining room - great for stacking resources on and that's about all. The only other space is in the lounge room - along a wall, with a tv and fish tank. My thought was to move it in there and make it nice with a few floral arrangements (silk) on it. Also, I have a low care resident that plays piano and has agreed to come visit with me to tinkle on the keys. Do you think this is a good new home? Advice please. (typically the tv is just put on constantly and that's the limit of the leisure time there, I am only new, so moving softly softly).
Solange 8th Apr 2013
Hi Elizabeth,

I think it is a wonderful idea to place the piano in the main room. Residents can play and you can also put an add in messages boards of churches or supermarkets for volunteers to come and play for the residents. Good luck!


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