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Mary 23rd Sep 2021 Branch Programming And Community Engagement Associate
Hello everyone!
I work in a public library. I had been doing outreach to local facilities Memory Care Units when the Pandemic hit. Now our branch is going to be closed soon for demolition and rebuild! I would like to get everything organized and in order during this time frame. Do you have any tips for what you might use to take activities and things out with you? I am assuming that during this time the pandemic will finally subside and I will be needed once again! I have numerous art prints from MOMA modules that I am at a loss how to protect! The systems lamination machine is down now too! I have NO budget to work with so I am looking at probably purchasing these things myself so any ideas would be helpful. I am at my wits end trying to organize, purge, and generally recreate my job and workspace.
I would also like to try to create some circulating kits for customers to check out in the future but need ideas on materials to contain them.
Thanks for any help!

Susan 25th Sep 2021 Activity Director
Hi Mary
Perhaps you can store your material in several facilities that you visit
Might be people to go to a Staples or something like that to laminate things
You are in a difficult situation but soon things will get better

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