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Elizabeth 9th Apr 2013 Diversional Therapist
Has anyone seen these inset puzzles? I was wondering how effective / good these would be with dementia clients? Opinions welcome please.
Solange 10th Apr 2013
I haven't seen those but I have seen others for 'Dementia Specific'; very similar to those. I believe they are quite good depending on which stage of dementia clients are. You can also try puzzles of 4 to 24 pieces. I had very good response when I presented puzzles of 24 pieces to early Alzheimers clients.
Bronwyn Afflick 10th Apr 2013 Manager - Day Program - Adults with Intellectual Disabilities
Hi Elizabeth, in regards to your question on the effectiveness of the inset puzzles - I use them on a very regular basis with our clients, I have seen over time how they find them very easy to start however as their abilities decrease they do find the puzzles more challenging - which is good - it keeps the grey matter active. MTA have quite a few good puzzle activities which we have used as part of a diversional therapy. Kind Regards Bronwyn

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