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karen 15th Apr 2013 Diversional Therapist
where can I find a copy of the last post and rouse, have just started here and can find no copy.......please help
Solange 16th Apr 2013
Hi Karen, regarding the CD Music for a Commemorative Ceremony on Remembrance Day and Anzac Day. The Department of Veterans Affairs in Australia use to send it to facilities, free of charge, on request. Please contact the DVA in your state and inquire if they are still doing it.Otherwise, your local Council library will be able to lend it to you.
Angela 16th Apr 2013 Lifestyle and leisure in aged care
contact dva department of Veterans affairs and they will send you a free cd and posters for Anzac services
Angela 16th Apr 2013 Lifestyle and leisure in aged care
Hi Karen, Yes they are still sending out music cds for Rememberance day and Anzac day I got mine last week
Wendy 18th Apr 2013 Lifestyle Manager
re Anzac Day service
You can get a free Australian flag from your local PM, and contaict you local RSL they may have a burgler.
Ask staff if they have any itmes form the navy, army or airforce and put them on display

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