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Deborah 7th Jan 2022 Diversional Therapist
Hi to all. What a great website Golden Carers is. In New Zealand our local supermarket recently had a Lego Brick collection happening. When you spent $30 you got a pack of bricks. You could also purchase the starter pack for $10 which give you the base and the actual store frontage. I got everyone I new interested enough to start collecting the Bricks. All the double ups were given to a local kindergarten. The outcome - Well, talk about totally engaged. We first built up the shelves and then put the fridges and freezers into place. Because there were also some minatures of dog food, milk, shampoo, bananas etc all made from plastic, I wrote up 2 different shopping lists. We then had to look through all the aisles and find each item and if we could, physically put it into the trolley. I had complete engagement for over 1 hour and could not be more pleased. Next, I am going to print out a recipe and see if they can gather and find all of the ingredients on the list.
Susan 8th Jan 2022 Activity Director
Wow Deborah
this sounds great
Thank you for sharing this
I say go with whatever works
You are obviously a great therapist
Thanks again
Jean 10th Jan 2022 Activities Coordinator
Well done, great idea.

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