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Elizabeth 15th May 2013 Diversional Therapist
anyone got any STATE OF ORIGIN activity ideas?
Helen 16th May 2013 Diversional Therapist
For State of Origin I have used the alphabet templates from this website and printed QLD in Maroon and NSW in blue paper. We have made football shape templates in maroon and blue and written QLD and NSW on them to put up around the unit. I purchased bunting from the newsagent. Planning to have evening snacks while watching the games.
Kylie 20th May 2013 Diversional Therapist Coordinator
Hi Elizabeth, we do a happy hour in the afternoon of each game night which I have made up some guess the score cards that they place their name and the final score on which we collect and help any residents with the writing & the closest guess wins a small prize at the start of the next state of origin happy hour. This is particular popular with the men. I print off the computer some game facts which I ask them like a quiz and we beer, chips & cupcakes with red and blue icing. I get dressed up in my blues outfit which gives them all a great laugh and some booing but it is a in good fun. My residents always enjoy our State of Origin happy hours.

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