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Regina 4th Feb 2022 Activity Coordinator
Activity Schedule

Monday we have an activity which was handball and in the afternoon we have a game of bingo and they were very excited for the game all of them were very happy.

Every tuesday we have a chair exercise activity with all the residents and in the afternoon we play music and dance all of them were happy and very appreciative.

On wednesday the women get their nails polished at 11 o clock and then mens afternoon they have a game of golf and they are very cheerful
Susan 4th Feb 2022 Activity Director
Hey Regina
Thank you for these ideas
Constance 16th Feb 2022 Recreation Director
Please explain your handball activity
Susan 16th Feb 2022 Activity Director
Hi again Regina
Can you please explain your handball activity
It would be very helpful to Constance
I used to play table ball which simply was putting a beach ball on table and putting the residents around the table and they pushed the ball around
I do not know if this is what Regina had in mind

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