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Jackie 9th Feb 2022 Assistant Director
I need ideas on how to organize all these printables from Golden carers and Activity Connection, ideas?
Thank you
Maurice 10th Feb 2022
Hi Jackie!

Good question, one way that is built into activities on Golden Carers is the "Save" button. If you click this, you can then always find these later in the "Saved" tab of your account.

If you ever look at an activity, and then can't find it later, there is also a "History" tab which can be useful.

Another way might be to bookmark activities as you seem them into a folder, potentially even a folder for specific events, or calendars.

We are working on several exciting new ways to save, manage, print, and do a lot more with our content and calendars. But it's not ready just yet :)

I hope that helps, and I'd be interested to hear anyone elses method of handling lots of upcming content!
Stacy 15th Feb 2022 Senior Activities Coordinator
Hi All!
I work from a monthly planner which i always do in advance and input the big annual events and then fill in the gaps with general activities.
I have 12 large lever folders (jan-dec) each time i find a suitable activity i print it off, add it to my planner and then file it in the correct monthly folder and i date all pages in the top right corner.
When i am not in, my staff will look at their planner, go to the folder and will find the arranged activities for that day.
This system is brilliant and you can use them all again the following year if you wish to. Print your planner in A4 just to have a copy in each folder too.

I hope this makes sense ; )
Jackie 17th Feb 2022 Assistant Director
This will help, thank you.

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