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Karen 11th Mar 2022 Life Enrichment Coordinator
Hi everyone! I run the activities/engagement program at an assisted living and memory care. I am certified in dementia care, but am having trouble finding items that will work for one of my memory care residents. He walks a lot, is nonverbal, and is very strong! I had gotten a "tool box" with all these little doors and locks that he could open and close, but he pulled it apart. I got a giant stress ball and he tried to take a bite out of it.

He really likes to hold things as he walks (and it's a good intervention to give him something to hold so he releases his tight grip on someone/something else)...I'm just having trouble finding something that he won't immediately pull apart. Any suggestions are appreciated!
Susan 11th Mar 2022 Activity Director
Hi Karen
This is a challenging problem
What about giving him frozen bagels??
What about baby chew toys that are very strong are large strong teething rings??
You must put this in the care plan that this comforts him
This is very important
Could he peel an orange
Can you give them some type of hard food that he could choose on??

It will probably be trial and error to see what works best you may have to have several options because it works one day may not work the next
Let me know how these things work or if you have some other ideas that you can share with us

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