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dorothy 18th Jun 2013 diversional therapist
could anyone tell me if they have experience with having chickens in a demetia unit is it successful and do you have a care plan ect for this
thanks Dorothy
Solange 18th Jun 2013
Hi Dorothy, A chicken coop in a Dementia unit can be quite successful. You do need a care plan. The Chicken Pen Care Plan must stipulate who buys the food, who feeds the chickens, who places clean fresh water every day in the pen, who would be in charge to take them to the veterinary when needed, who would be in charge to chase them if it escapes, who administer medication when needed. The good thing is, once the Care Plan is ready and you give each person a copy, there is no 'pass the bucket', or 'not me' or 'I forgot'. Each shift will have a designated staff to care for it. Remember, to 'harvest' the eggs it should be always the residents (accompanied by staff).
dorothy nicholls 21st Jun 2013 diversional therapist
thanks solanage we are going to give chickens a try

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