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Jean 26th May 2022 Activities Coordinator
Next week the residents will have a chance to 'explore ginger' in an activity. We will serve ginger loaf, a ginger biscuit, a piece of crystallised ginger and a glass of ginger beer. I also do a fortnightly program called 'food from the British Isles' When we do armchair travel we also snack on some food from the country we are travelling too. I used food as a draw card and residents who don't normally engage in activities will often attend a 'food' activities giving me a great opportunity to reach everyone. Any food ideas (excluding baking and cooking) will be gratefully recieved.
Susan 27th May 2022 Activity Director
Hey Jean
This sounds great
I also used food as a drawing card
Here are some other ideas
Most of the armchair travel activities on Golden carers have a food element to them
Perhaps you can use some of them

You might also want to have a resident food committee
I also like to have food at a sporting event that they may watch
Jean 22nd Jun 2022 Activities Coordinator
After Ginger we did 'exploring oats' going from the big pot mother had on the stove when they were going out in the cold to school, through to them making their own snacks with different oatcake toppings. I demonstrated instant flavoured oats that you make in 2 minutes in the microwave, 1 lady enjoyed it so much that she ate the whole serving, they tasted and enjoyed oat milk. I try to share these stories hoping that it gives someone inspiration.
Susan 23rd Jun 2022 Activity Director
Hi Jean
Thank you for sharing this
It is inspiring

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