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Esther 8th Jun 2022 Life Enrichment Coordinator
Hey everyone at the community that I am at we have to celebrate a resident for being here for 100 days. We have to make it a big deal, do invites, throw a party and see if the family wants to come. What should I ACTUALLY do during this party to celebrate....other than saying 'Happy
100th DAY HERE!" ??
Please help !
Susan 10th Jun 2022 Activity Director
Hi Esther
I guess this depends on what the resident does
Maybe he is a great singer maybe he engages it in a lot of activities maybe he answers a lot of rear questions maybe he makes a lot of friends maybe everyone thinks he’s nice maybe he is a great helper
I think you get the idea
Gwyneth 17th Jun 2022 Volunteer
Hi Esther, 100 days, great. What about a show called "THIS IS YOUR LIFE" you can learn a lot about anyone by asking questions from friends, acquaintances and family, we did a couple and sometimes even the family have surprises! Regards Gwyneth
Susan 17th Jun 2022 Activity Director
That is a great idea Gwyneth
Darcy 22nd Jun 2022 Aged Care
Hi Esther. 100 days is unusual.. like did they think they would die within the 100 days? Do a trivia on the resident and have the family pick the answers.
Susan 24th Jun 2022 Activity Director
Hi Darcy
Thanks for your input
The trivia idea sounds good
Esther 6th Aug 2022
Thank you ladies! These ideas were helpful!
Darcy the day is to just celebrate and acknowledge them for being here.

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