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Esther 8th Jun 2022 Life Enrichment Coordinator
Hey everyone at the community that I am at we have to celebrate a resident for being here for 100 days. We have to make it a big deal, do invites, throw a party and see if the family wants to come. What should I ACTUALLY do during this party to celebrate....other than saying 'Happy
100th DAY HERE!" ??
Please help !
Susan 10th Jun 2022 Activity Director
Hi Esther
I guess this depends on what the resident does
Maybe he is a great singer maybe he engages it in a lot of activities maybe he answers a lot of rear questions maybe he makes a lot of friends maybe everyone thinks he’s nice maybe he is a great helper
I think you get the idea
Gwyneth 17th Jun 2022 Volunteer
Hi Esther, 100 days, great. What about a show called "THIS IS YOUR LIFE" you can learn a lot about anyone by asking questions from friends, acquaintances and family, we did a couple and sometimes even the family have surprises! Regards Gwyneth
Susan 17th Jun 2022 Activity Director
That is a great idea Gwyneth
Darcy 22nd Jun 2022 Aged Care
Hi Esther. 100 days is unusual.. like did they think they would die within the 100 days? Do a trivia on the resident and have the family pick the answers.
Susan 24th Jun 2022 Activity Director
Hi Darcy
Thanks for your input
The trivia idea sounds good

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