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Grace 30th Jun 2022 Activity And Engagement Practitioner
Hello everyone,
am looking for a good idea for summer party for older adult in hospital ward setting .
Susan 2nd Jul 2022 Activity Director
Hi Grace
You need to access staff to help you supplies you will need the space you would use and the enthusiasm of the people in this unit
You can use these posters
If you need ideas on decorations your residents can make let me know
Handing out invitations is a good idea whether you make your own or buy some and just fill in the blanks
Hopefully you will get the kitchen to make some treats to eat but you may have to buy them yourself
Music is also a good idea
You can use summer music CDs or have a playlist on your device and use that
You may also want to have a sing-along with summer songs
I like to mix singing With trivia
Let me know if I can be of any more help

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