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Jean 22nd Jul 2022 Activities Coordinator
We are a dementia care home and I need to find the value of some changes that have been introduced and I would appreciate any feedback/comments that you may have
Residents who are bed bound;
Would it be better for them to have a television on in their room or an audio book playing in between visits of activities staff and care staff?
In the lounge:
Would it be better to do a sing along in the lounge or issue out percussion instruments for them to shake?
Many thanks jm
Susan 23rd Jul 2022 Activity Director
Hi Jean
It is very good that you were questioning this
My thoughts are to do what the residents seem to enjoy
It may not be obvious
Sometimes they have a smile on their face sometimes they clap sometimes they do other things that make you know that they are enjoying it
Is not one or the other but alternating both and seeing which they respond to better
I think they may want some quiet time also
Make sure you document what they seem to like and how you know that
Jean 26th Jul 2022 Activities Coordinator
Thank you
Barbara 26th Jul 2022
Hi Jean,

I think anything you can do to avoid residents constantly in front of the television is great. Maybe schedule set movie times and make it special by offering a treat such as popcorn or root beer floats.

I believe you need to be guided by the residents. If they enjoy playing instruments during a sing-a-long, then you know it's something worth doing again. If not, try something else.

I always color code my activities as we go through the month so I know which were a success as it's important to let your activity program reflect the wants and needs of the residents.
Susan 27th Jul 2022 Activity Director
Hi Barbara
Thank you for your input

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