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Mary 28th Jul 2022 Activities Co Ordinator
Hi everyone
Looking for ideas to do with the residents between 10 am to 10:30 am as in this time a lot of residents are getting up finishing breakfasts and i have some residents coming into me one by one and I would like to
Do something as they join into the group . 10:30 they have mass on the tv ( very important) All ideas greatly appreciated thank you
Susan 29th Jul 2022 Activity Director
Hi Mary
Perhaps you can do some Bible trivia or hand out it to each
You could hand out mandalas for people to color
You could read a short story and discuss it
Golden Carers has many short stories you could read

or you could get a chicken soup for the religious soul book and read the stories from there
Mary 30th Jul 2022 Activities Co Ordinator
Thanks Susan for your ideas I was thinking along then lines alright thank you
Mary 1st Aug 2022 Activities Co Ordinator
Susan I got religious mandalas for residents to colour in and I got a cd playing hymns in the back ground gets them ready for mass at 10:30
thanks again for the idea

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