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CGV 13th Sep 2022 Recreation and Rehab Manager
re: Crooner Music Match Quiz
I created a quiz from your quiz. a slide show quiz of crooner music match. only I added the "who am I" photos to help Residents guess. I thought of also adding part of the tune to sing along to. How would I do this on a separate format ? little snippets of a song?
and I cannot locate my quiz in the saved quizzes - where is it located?
Maurice 14th Sep 2022
Hello! :)

1. How can I add song snippets to quizzes?

Right now there is no easy way I'm aware of - but we are working on an update we hope will make this really easy!

2. I cannot locate my quiz in the saved quizzes

If you have created a DIY activity, you can find it on your Account page under the DIY Tab:

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