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The Heartlands 6th Oct 2022 Life Enrichment Director
We are a new facility opening up. What re some of your staple activity items that you have to have in your inventory? What are some things you have found helpful that you didn't think would be? Looking for any and all advice on how to build up our inventory before we open!
Susan 7th Oct 2022 Activity Director
Hi Heartlands
What kind of residents are going to be in the facility??
I think music is always a good staple
Playing cards and dice are good things to have on hand because you can play many games with both either separately or together
You can print out many things from the site such as trivia word searches and alike
Most residents like to play bingo so having a bingo set that’s a good idea
I think it is a good idea to have a resident council meeting sooner rather than then later and ask the residents what they like to do
You may want to get some movies for the residents to watch
You can always get movies from the library as well
I think this is a good start and I feel them know what type of residents are going to be in your facility I can make more suggestions
The Heartlands 7th Oct 2022 Life Enrichment Director
Thank you so much! We will have Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care Residents.

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