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Anita 31st Oct 2022 Activity Coordinator
Hi all, has anyone done an armchair travel activity to Morrocco? Looking for some inspiration.
Thank you

Think this is such a fabulous site and my residents have enjoyed a number of your suggested activities xx
Susan 31st Oct 2022 Activity Director
Hi Anita
I have never done an armchair travel to there
What inspired you to want to do this??
I asked if one could be developed
In the meantime try these and modify it to your needs
Cecilia 10th Nov 2022 Life Enrichment Coordinator
Hi Anita,
I have done an armchair travel to Morocco, but I have done quite a few to a number of places. The last one was to Vegas and I am currently working on one to Romania. We have visited other places at the resident's request. For this activity I print out the passports, boarding passes and the stamps. I add a country stamp for every country we visit and stick them in the passports. Our kitchen staff work with us in getting foods from that country. We collect videos from youtube about the culture, their clothes, places to visit and any special events the country celebrates. I print pictures of the places and hang them around our activity room and we have trivia time which helps the residents learn about the place they visit. We also invite family members to join in the activity as well. At the beginning of the trip the names of the residents are called and tickets, boarding passes, and spending money is given to them. They really enjoy it and I have a great time putting it together.
I hope this helps.
Susan 10th Nov 2022 Activity Director
Hi Cecilia
Thanks for the information
It’s very helpful

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