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Dy 15th Dec 2022 Diversional Therapist
Good afternoon, everyone, i just wanted to share our little story. I work on the STRAS Unit at Belmont hospital and currently have a patient that has Motor Neurone disease, he doesn't have use of his legs anymore and he is slowly losing use of his arms, however, this man, is amazing, he spends his day lying in bed and doing his French knitting, he has a custom made tool (his son made it for him) ,knitting kms of wool, it brings him so much joy. He kindly donated his work to me to help decorate our Activities room for Christmas, i just wanted to share his story and his remarkable work. Have a look at the tree on the window, the wreath hanging from the ceiling, the rope hanging from the roof and the pom poms all made by Geoffery and myself
Susan 16th Dec 2022 Activity Director
Hi Du
This story is truly amazing
It just goes to show that people are capable of doing things, even if they have disabilities
Yes, it is truly inspirational
Thank you for sharing

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