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Norman 17th Jan 2023 Recreation
Hi there,

I have a client who comes in for Day Program, she's legally blind, hard of hearing and her mobility isn't the greatest. Activity planning has been difficult as I have other clients with her on that day.
Does anyone have any suggestions on activities that I can do with her? I'm at a loss.
Susan 18th Jan 2023 Activity Director
Hi Norman
The first thing that comes to mind is some sensory stimulation

Especially the power of touch
One game you could play is drawing a number on everyone’s back when is their turn and see if they can guess a number

You could also ask other clients to help her and give them a reward for doing it if necessary
If her hearing is not too bad, then maybe she could listen to music using headphones if that is something she would like
You could also do gross motor exercises and give her and overhand help as she needs it
If her side isn’t too bad, use very large print to help her

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