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Activities - Bedingfeld Park Inc 19th Jan 2023 Aged Care
We have some aged care residents in our facility who do not join in actiivities and prefer to do something self-directed in their rooms. I have a list of things that may be included but can anyone add anything to my list?
* reading, TV, social media
* knitting, crochet
* wordsearches, crosswords, colouring, quizes, sudoku
*patience (either iPad or with real cards)
Susan 20th Jan 2023 Activity Director
Here are a few things I thought of
Writing letters
Looking at a photo album
Taking care of a plant
Bird watching
As well as these
Rose 31st Jan 2023 Community Living Coordinator
Ask them "what would you be doing if you were at home right now?" Often you can build on what they tell you during that conversation. Also, "Is there something that you were always interested in, but never had a chance to learn more about?"

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