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Cecilia 1st Feb 2023 Life Enrichment Coordinator
Hi everyone. I hope that the new year is going well for you. I am enjoying all the activities that Golden Carers and its members provide and I have tried many of them but the one I do most is the wheelchair travel the residents likes that. I am from the U.S. Virgin Island and I took my residents on a travel there and to Antigua and Barbuda and they loved it. the face that these are places when I am from and grew up made it easy to talk a little about the customs of the islands and the culture too. It's amazing to see how their faces light up when they see these places that we visit.
I am also doing some "how it's made" shows looking at things we use everyday and how they are made. This too is another activity the residents enjoy because after watching we have a discussion on what they just saw.
Thank you Golden Carers. You've made creating activities easy.
Susan 1st Feb 2023 Activity Director
Hi Cecilia
Thank you for your kind words
It sounds to me like you are a very creative person
You must be a great activity, Director
Your residents are f very lucky
Jen 8th Feb 2023 Activities, Social Day Program, Life Enrichment
Hi Cecilia,

Can you suggest some "how it's made" shows or links? I think my people would really love that! It's a great idea!

Thank you!
Cecilia 10th Feb 2023 Life Enrichment Coordinator
HI Jen,
I choose things that they use and see every day like: how ice cream is made, things like wheel chair, kayak, potato chips, fireworks. The residents were fascinated as how these things were made. When I am on a break I look for things that might interest them and save to the library for future use.
Jen 11th Feb 2023 Activities, Social Day Program, Life Enrichment
Thanks so much! I am going to start a series with this idea!
Connie 25th Feb 2023 Member
I'm interested in where you find resources for how they are made. Is it here on this site or do you google for video's. Do you speak about it or show slides? It's a great idea - just can't figure out how it is done. Any information is appreciated.
Cecilia 3rd Mar 2023 Life Enrichment Coordinator
I am more that happy to guide you. How it's made is not on this site, that's on you tube. So google you tube and when it comes up go to their search tab and type in how it's made. There are many to choose from so you can review that ones that you think your residents will like and save it in your library, then when you are ready to play the videos you go to your history and play. You will not need to talk about the video because everything is explained about the items that are being made. There is also one that is called Modern Marvels which is as good as How it's made. If you are still having trouble with getting it done please do not hesitate to reach our.
Jen 9th Mar 2023 Activities, Social Day Program, Life Enrichment
Thank you! I'm excited to use these with my group. Modern Marvels Lighthouses episode will be my first- we live in a town with one of our country's oldest lighthouse!
Cecilia 14th Mar 2023 Life Enrichment Coordinator
Hi Jan.
I am happy for you and please keep me updated as to how things are going. If you have questions on anything do not hesitate to send me a message.'

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