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Hayley 7th Feb 2023 Community access worker
Hi everyone ,
I’m struggling for ideas to encourage a men’s group in the residential facility. As a lot of men have cognitive issues and physical limitations.
It appears a lot easier to start groups for the women having pampering session etc.
All ideas would be greatly appreciated .
Thank you
Gwyneth 7th Feb 2023 Volunteer
Hello Hayley, At a day care centre I attended voluntary the men loved playing dominoes, if they got stuck others helped them, another group liked skittles, we lined the chairs up, the men sat on them, and when it was their turn they just threw their skittles, no worries at all, someone else has to pick them up, usually the assistant helping, but they all enjoyed it. it could also be a mixed group, men and women, both sides out to beat each other - caused a lot of laughter. Expect you have tried this, find out if any of them liked singing, it is suprising how many can remember words of songs they liked perhaps you could form a small choir, just men ,or as before mixed - men and women. music is wonderful , it brings people to life. We also found out that a lot of men liked to sit by the women, you know how women like to talk, it worked for us, there was always a lot of talking and a lot of laughter. it is very difficult, but you only find out by trial and error, All the best Gwyneth
Susan 8th Feb 2023 Activity Director
Hi Hayley
I’ll think Gyneth has some great ideas
Here are other ideas and Golden Carers that may help you

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