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Karli 16th Sep 2013 Lesiure & Liftstyle Coordinator
As we do not cook our meals in the facility we are looking to have the smell of food in the dining area and throughout the building before the residents meals are served to increase their appetite. And it is not possible to have cooking mornings each day. Are there any aromatherapy oils that are of food smells, i.e. bacon, soups, roasting meats?
Julie Smallhorn 24th Sep 2013
Breadmakers in each kitchenette works a treat!
rosa lambden 24th Sep 2013 Recreation therapist
i know you can get Basil aromatherapy oil i remember working in a hairdressing salon that had an aromatherapist working there we dreaded it when he burned basil as it made us so hungry Milkbar next door made a fortune on those days
Christine 9th Oct 2013
For the cooking smells, what about having an electric hot plate and making pancakes? We make Greens pancakes shakes, convenient and easy!
And the residents love it and the entire dining room smells warm and welcoming!
Shantell 16th Oct 2013
if you have a small electric hot plate a great Idea is in a pot of water add Vanilla essence, nut meg and or cinamon. bring it to the boil and it smell like chocolate cake cooking. I found this while house hunting. People who were selling their house did it and it works a treat. Also Citrus aromatherapy oils are known for their appetite enhancing properties. Hope this helps
Jessica 27th Aug 2015 Volunteer and Nurse
love the idea of the vanilla, nutmeg/cinnamon combination. What ratios do you use, and have you tried this with cinnamon essential oil making it diffuser friendly? :)
Thanks :)
patricia 9th Sep 2015 aged care nurse
Hi If you happen to have a microwave handy buy some packets of popcorn that you can cook in the microwave. They give out a lovely smell and may encourage residents to eat. Trish Coffs harbour

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