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Jessica 19th Jul 2016 Volunteer and Nurse

First Aid Fun

Going to have to give this one a go. :) will post results. :)
Jessica 24th May 2016 Volunteer and Nurse

12 Joyful Activities to Inspire Laughter

Another one to add is visiting animals especially young animals if appropriately behaved. :) So many smiles! :)
Jessica 9th Jan 2016 Volunteer and Nurse


At the facility where I am at currently, there are birds ( 1 of which will come out on your shoulder) and a cat.
I also have a 5 year old Jack Russel that I bring in as a volunteer on days off.
At both previous facility and current she seems to make a big difference, bringing smiles and encouraging chat and reminiscence.
Does anyone know of a course that I can do for myself to further enhance our visits?

I am trained as an enrolled nurse but also planning to complete a leisure and lifestyle course this year.

:) Thanks. :)
Jessica 28th Aug 2015 Volunteer and Nurse

Sundowning: Symptoms, triggers & strategies

Something I have frequently discovered works well, is to commence something relaxing after lunch, eg music, video, etc in a group setting with the lights dimmed and the enviroment otherwise quiet. Have everyone seated comfortably and offer hand massages. You will be surprised by how many will sleep, and even those who don't will generally be more settled at the end of the hour. :)
Jessica 28th Aug 2015 Volunteer and Nurse


I started in my journey with aged care as the 13 year old daughter of one of the nurses working in the aged care facility. I came in to play the flute for the residents. I have seen first hand how music therapy has effect over the years as I am now 25 years old and have been in aged care in some fashion or another all of that time.
I started with the flute, and then began to assist the AO/DT with other activities with the residents, including pet therapt. I loved it so much that in 2009 after a course in performing arts I applied for the AO/DT course. I was unsucessful as at the time I was told I needed a certificate in healthcare as this was prerequisite. As a result I ended up commencing cert 4 in nursing 2010 and have been working as a PCA since 2011 and EEN since 2012. I am still in aged care now and still loving it.
Not all young people are of this opinion and not all nurses are as skeptical of the results of the job that you do. On the flip side, as nurse I often am frustrated that the AO/DT doesn't no more in the way of activities as i frequently find that as an EEN I am not only attending to the nursing care needs, but also the therapy needs as well.
Another activity that I have assisted with the set up of is the use of sweet orange essential oil in an ultrasonic diffuser. Great results. At the moment using a 0.5-1% concentration. Can be a bit stronger, but as I have not yet completed my diploma of aromatherapy and also as there has been some resistance from staff it was felt that it was safer to start softly and then work the strength up.
Good luck and I hoe things work for you in your facility. I just wanted to comment and let you know that we are not all as awful as that. :)
Jessica 27th Aug 2015 Volunteer and Nurse


love the idea of the vanilla, nutmeg/cinnamon combination. What ratios do you use, and have you tried this with cinnamon essential oil making it diffuser friendly? :)
Thanks :)