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Sylvia 25th Feb 2023 Resident Services Director
Our community is right across the street from a school. K through high school.
I would love some suggestions for intergenerational activities that were successful in your communities.
Thank you!
Susan 26th Feb 2023 Activity Director
Hi Sylvia
I like most of these activities
Also, we had students come in to help decorate for the holidays
Connie 27th Feb 2023 Member
Kindergarteners came and sang some of their songs for us.
(limited activities because of COVID restrictions)

They march through the dining room on Halloween.

The Waldorf School Kindergartners make their own dolls. They came and had a naming ceremony in our larger room. Then they walked around and told us the names they gave to their dolls. It was a great experience for the children and us.
Susan 28th Feb 2023 Activity Director
Hi Connie
Thank you for sharing this
Debbie 3rd Mar 2023
we do a reading group with the kids in our community - it is good for the kids and the residents
Sylvia 11th Mar 2023 Resident Services Director
Thanks, ladies for the suggestions! I am excited to try some of these activities!
Every time that the kids come over, I see how valuable this relationship with the school is.
We have such a special job working with these seniors! God bless each of you.

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