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Michelle 12th Mar 2023 Activity Director
Good morning my name is Michelle, and I am new at being an Activity Director. I am looking for a video on how residents in my facility can vote. i am the only one for 108 residents and training in my facility is non existent. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Susan 14th Mar 2023 Activity Director
Hi Michelle
Congratulations on your position
It will be a lot of work, but you will get much satisfaction from it
I do not know what things are like in Missouri and if you live in my big town or small one but start by calling City Hall or Townhall
They should be able to provide you with a list of registered voters
They can also provide you with absentee, ballot forms and registration voting forms
They perhaps can direct you to some volunteers to help you getting folks to vote and assisting them the residents With filling out the ballots
Perhaps family members and volunteers can help you as well
Michelle 20th Mar 2023 Activity Director
Thank You! I work in a 120 bed facility and I am the only one, can`t seem to get volunteers and I was Kinda Thrown into this position one day. I love it though. Again thank you!

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