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Cecilia 14th Mar 2023 Life Enrichment Coordinator
Hi all, Happy Monday. I hope that the weekend was great.
Question: How are you celebrating Easter and then later on Mother's Day?
Last year for Easter we hid eggs filled candies and had an Easter egg hunt. The residents participated and had fun.
Then for mother's day, we had a Mother's day formal tea party, that too was great. I would like to have a hat parade this year for Easter but not sure. What are you doing?
Nicole 14th Mar 2023 Activity Director
I design the calendar on a monthly basis. My clients have different levels of dementia; the activities must be simple, short and purpose driven. The residents enjoy crafts such as painting sculptures, eggs and seeing Easter related. Mother’s Day is huge therefore I am thinking spa day, Photo Booth, gift baskets etc.. hope this helps
Nicole 14th Mar 2023 Activity Director
Love the hat parade idea
Cecilia 20th Mar 2023 Life Enrichment Coordinator
I am thinking that each resident can present a hat from the past and tell something about it so on the day of the "Hat Parade", they will wheel in to the activity room wearing their hat while a staff member will narrate about the hat to the audience. Talking about the hat should bring back some happy memories.
Cecilia 20th Mar 2023 Life Enrichment Coordinator
Hi Nicole,
I do the same thing. Plan activities on a monthly basis and putting together crafts and entertainment to accommodate the residents needs, and have them participating in crafts that they are able to handle. I print a monthly newsletter which includes a calendar of events and pictures of the past month activities as a reminder. I know it does your heart good when they enjoy an activity or program. I wish all the best to you and pray that the Lord will inspire us all to do what we are doing with good ideas and lots of love. Have a great week Nicole, and thank you.

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