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Chandler 18th Apr 2023 Activities Director
Hello Everyone! I current work at a SNF with all levels of care.

My boss asked me to start doing an activity after meals (Breakfast & Lunch).
My facility current weakness is getting people to participate.

My question is: What good activities could I implement that isn't to invasive during meals to get people involved?
Susan 19th Apr 2023 Activity Director
Hi Chandler
Do you have a cafeteria like setting for some of the residents or do they eat in a room on the unit?
The trick I think is to get the cnas to buy in
Not and Gizzy task
I’m hoping you want to do this before they eat or after they eat because a lot of residents just want to eat and not do connectivity

With that said, you could have drinks before dinner, and have them help you make some recipes for them
You could change the recipe periodically depending on the season
You could also do some thing like this
Or this

Karen 19th Apr 2023 Diversional therapist
Why don't you try giving the residents the dinning experience by placing music which is soft and in their ere while they enjoy having their meals. you could also have the staff with aprons on which look like waiters therefore resident think and looks like a a restaurant.
Hope this helps and good luck with it all.
Susan 19th Apr 2023 Activity Director
Hi Karen
Thanks for your input

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