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Charlotte 19th Apr 2023 Registered Manager
Good afternoon. I do 1:1 activities in a nursing and residential home and i am struggling to find activities for residents with end stages of dementia and is non interactive. Do you have any advise?
Susan 21st Apr 2023 Activity Director
Hi Charlotte
Here are some ideas. Make sure to read the comment also.
Kathleen 21st Apr 2023 Social Carer
Hi Charlotte,
You could try hand massage with aromatherapy oils that becomes a sensory item, audio books and chat about the story, gardening with herbs and flowers. anything dexterity will help with stimulation. good luck.
Laura 25th Apr 2023 Activity Director
I have found music to be one of the best interactions. Find out from family what style of music they liked -hymns, piano, pop big band, classical, etc and play the music for them or sing to them. Youtube has about anything you might want to play. Some other suggestions are hand massages, reading to them, playing nature videos or videos of pets or babies. Knowing their past history and finding what their background was should give you a good idea of where to start and what kind of things would be stimulating for an individual.
Charlotte 26th Apr 2023 Registered Manager
Thank you so much for your help. I will try some of these fantastic ideas.
Susan 27th Apr 2023 Activity Director
Hi Kathleen and Laura
Thank you so much for your suggestions

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