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Silviya 17th May 2023 Headlife Activity Co Ordinator
Hello everyone I have just joined Golden carers and I think is great .I did work from March this year as a Head of lifestyle coordinator in a small private care home .The home doesnt have activity activity budget so i do need to fund the activity money.I ll be very grateful for ideas how I can fundirise some money .
Thank you
Susan 19th May 2023 Activity Director
Hi Silvina
Is the home for profit or nonprofit?
How much money do you think you need?
Here are some ideas
Thanks for joining
Wendy 24th May 2023 Lifestyle Coordinator
Hi Silviya, I am a lifestyle coordinator in Australia, we save a lot of the plastic bottles, cans and beer bottles that residents consume at meals and Happy Hour and recycle them at the local recycling depot. We have raised a fair bit of cash from time to time. We ask what the residents want to use the money for at our monthly resident meeting and then spend the funds. Sometimes they just want us to buy things that we can put on the Pop-up Shop, an activity we run twice a month. It is like a shop except residents dont pay for any of the goods. We also get donations as well for the shop. Hope these ideas have helped.
Christine 24th May 2023 Lifestyle Assistant
See if you can get some small pots donated, get residents to strike cuttings of succulents, geraniums and sow seeds then set up a stall outside the facility to sell to the public and staff. Also see if you can get some businesses to donate items to hold a raffle and sell tickets. Other ideas might be to hold a morning tea and charge money for a cup of tea/coffee and cake.

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