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Daria 26th May 2023 Lifestyle Coordinator
Hi there.

Noticeably, there's quite a few activities which there is no information for on Golden carers. Maybe more information on Indigenous special days in Australia and worldwide could help. There's many special cultural and religious days which I have found no resources for on here. Just a suggestion.
Susan 30th May 2023 Activity Director
Hi Daria
You may want to ask this question on Golden carers Facebook group
CGV 1st Jun 2023 Recreation and Rehab Manager
Hi Darla,
In our village, we have a giant world map we fix to the wall, we cover all the indigenous cultures of the world, and place the continent sticky note on each (Eurasia, Africa, ect).
Then we look at the indigenous populations of our own country (Canada); then the First Nations within our own community, of which we have 3 . Then a bit of history about each of our own First Nations.
I have purchased short books from amazon that are included in a program each year on June 21. We also have indigenous community celebrations at 2 local parks. The Independent Living Bus to transport our residents to join in. For our long term care folks, a performance later that week of children and youth jungle dancers and hoop dancers in their regalia.
I have also purchased a buffalo drum from a specialized music store for the sensory experience.
We use youtube on the big screen with our laptop HDMI hookup.
A great amount of background and early morning searching goes into planning and preparing for programs of a diversional nature. I am also able to incorporate Recreation Therapy into these programs for specific needs.

Darla from CGV Canada

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