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Diana 25th Jun 2023 Center Manager
Help!. I'm frustrated and bored with my activity program and don't know how to bring it to life.

I am the director of a Senior Center in Southwest Alabama.
We are a rural community and don't have the budget or resources for much of a program.
I am a one woman show most days, so I don't have the staff support to be everywhere and do everything. Our main focus has to be serving lunch and if we don't have enough volunteers to help, I end up in the kitchen or helping to deliver meals.

I joined Golden Cares, because they have so many great printable options I can adapt for our group. I am just bored with doing printables.

My group is constantly changing day to day with a small core group who generally attend every day. Unfortunately that group consist of mostly men who just want to drink coffee and talk. The few ladies who attend are content to just do word puzzles and chat. I have 2-5 who might do arts and crafts but they don't show up all at the same time or day. None will participate in exercise. If I schedule a guest speaker the seniors will avoid coming or wait until 5 minutes before lunch to show up. No one will play any of the games we have on hand, except the 2-3 people who will work on a jigsaw puzzle. Any visitors rarely return, because the place is boring.

Between the seniors lack of interest, inconsistent attendance, and my inability to carve out dedicated interrupted time to lead activities, I am at a loss on how to bring in new life and motivate the ones who come faithfully.

I have no budget and no staff. I rely on donations, volunteers, and end up spending way too much of my money just to try to do something fun once in a while. I just can't keep paying for it all.

Susan 25th Jun 2023 Activity Director
Hi Diana
I sense your frustration
I am not sure what the purpose of this facility is
But if you don’t want it to be boring start with your self
You need to be excited enthusiastic and engaging
Your attitude reflects on all those who come as you have witnessed
Do you still want to continue? your role??
Is there someone above you who you can share your frustration with???
You should not have to spend your own money
Where do you get the food for lunches? You serve??
Start by asking the few who come on a regular basis for their help
Here are some fundraising ideas that hopefully will help you get some more supplies, etc.
I am sure you cannot use all these ideas but you certainly can use some of them and raise funds so you don’t have to pay for things
I have worked for organizations, but not exactly like yours, and the activity department was a mess
It takes time to turn things around
First assess your purpose of the center
What are your goals?
I have gotten donations from a lot of different sources
It does take time and effort, but hopefully it will pay off
Let me know if you need any specific instructions or let us know how you are doing

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