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Jane 16th Aug 2023 Activities Coordinator
Hi all,
Just curious what everyone does to celebrate veterans (for veterans day) at your senior center. I feel like we do the same thing over and over. I'd really like to switch it up.
Susan 21st Aug 2023 Activity Director
Hi Jane
Here are some ideas and golden carers
I always had a program for the veterans because I think it’s very important to unload them
I always invited different fat veterans to speak and let the residents tell their stories if they wanted to I also let everyone speak because even though they weren’t a veteran, they probably knew a veteran and must’ve done something during that time to help the veterans
We sang patriotic songs
I would mixing up so people wouldn’t get bored we’d sing, and then I let a few people talk and then we sing some more
I also handed out certificates special ones to veterans and anyone who came got a certificate, but was not the same as special certificate
Kathe 16th Oct 2023
We had a luncheon (free for veterans, minimal charge for others) for our resident veterans with lovely patriotic decor in the room. I played (you tube) the March for each branch and had our veterans from each stand up during their march to be recognized. I played a fairly bipartisan speech from a former president about Veteran's Day.I also contacted “The Quilts of Valor” organization and was able to get 21 patriotic quilts for our resident veterans (2 for widows of veterans). It is a very moving ceremony, to call them up, put their quilt around their shoulders, thank them for their service and present the official Quilts of Valor certificate. Everyone was very moved. The veterans’ group photo with their quilts was in the local paper.
Susan 23rd Oct 2023 Activity Director
Wow, Kathe
That sounds great. Thanks for sharing this.

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