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Sally 3rd Sep 2023 Activity Director
Several of my residents have said they would be interested in a grief support group. Have any of you set something like this up? What are the pros and cons???

Thank you for any suggestions.
Susan 4th Sep 2023 Activity Director
Hi Sally
Here are some examples of support groups for your residents and families

What I have done for a grief is every few months we honored those who have passed on
We had a memorial service

Here are some other ideas
Kaylene 5th Sep 2023 Leisure & Lifestyle Coordinator
Hi Sally - we have what we call 'Memory Bowl' sessions. We hold these about every 3 months for each of our 4 communities (wings). It's an opportunity for Residents and staff to share their memories of the Residents who have passed away. We have a large glass bowl that has beautiful butterflies (fabric) in it and we have a smaller bowl of butterflies. After the group have shared their memories about the particular Resident, a person (usually either a Resident or staff member who was close to the person or who had the most memories to share) chooses a butterfly from the smaller bowl and places it in the larger bowl in memory of the Resident.

The large bowl of butterflies sits on a table under a beautiful patchwork quilt we have on a wall in our foyer. We pin the butterflies on the quilt with the Residents first name. Those butterflies stay on the quilt for the remainder of the year. We find these sessions are a great comfort and support to the Residents and the staff. Sometimes, family members will attend as well. Posted by Sharon
Susan 5th Sep 2023 Activity Director
Wow, Kaylene
What a wonderful thing to do. Thank you for sharing this.

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