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Villa Pines 19th Sep 2023 Activity Assistant
Looking for more Task-driven activities for our residents who want to help or do things that are helping others. I work in Skilled Nursing, so there are restrictions to overcome. All suggestions are welcomed!!!
Susan 21st Sep 2023 Activity Director
Hi Villa Pines
Here are some of the things I did to have the high functioning residents help with Activities
First, I had them partner up with a lower functioning resident
For example we did team trivia. We left the higher functioning. Resident answer the question but before they did, they would discuss it with the lower functioning resident
A good strategy is to ask the higher functioning. Resident what the lower functioning one was thanking if they cannot speak.
I had seen the lower functioning. Residents smile won the higher functioning resident said, what they were thinking.
Another idea with trivia is to let each person answer only once, and then let the lower functioning resonate ask for the help of others
Higher functioning residents can pass out song, sheets, or other things that you might need in the the group
They could partner up in cooking activities
These are just a few examples
Some have higher functioning
Residents actually run groups
There are some ideas of what they could do if you are interested

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