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Berthe 21st Sep 2023 DT
Good morning everyone, I am a new Golden carers member, For years I heard about the Golden carers website but I was always hesitating to join the team.
Today I just started joining, the reason why is as I work with elderly since I was a kid looking after my grand father and nursing him in his last year of illness.
I came to Australia in 2016, and by luck again, I started working with seniors consumers in different nursing homes, retirement villages and care centres, year after year having passion to learn more and discover new activities to fulfill the day for elderly consumers and letting them join and be encouraged to participate in different activities, therefore I find the Golden carers program is excellent fit and suitable for my future carer as I am now I DT (diversionary therapy) helping me understand and improve more my skills and knowledge , thank you Golden carers to let me be a new member.
Susan 21st Sep 2023 Activity Director
Dear Bertha
Thank you for sharing your lifes journey with the elderly
I am sure you experience with golden carers will enhance your experience and theirs
If you have any specific questions, you have or
would like to share some activities that you have done that are successful. Feel free to do that.
Again, thank you
Berthe 24th Sep 2023 DT
Thank you Suzanne for your reply, actually I want to know more regarding the monthly program, is it updated as the annual events on the world calendar ? And where can I find a weekly activity calendar? Thank you
Susan 27th Sep 2023 Activity Director
Hi Berthe
Yes, that monthly programs are updated it yearly
Also, if you want to print a calendar go here and it’s pretty self-explanatory how to do it watch
Berthe 15th Nov 2023 DT
Good morning everyone from Sydney Australia, I have been working as DT 9 months permanent as my previous job was temporarily for 5 years as AIN and RAO, but with Golden carers we always learning and discovering a lot of things catching up new things, learning more about other cultures too.
Thank you Golden carers you let me discover amazing things about the programs, having good and new ideas, printing my 2024 12 months activity program, updating day by day regarding all important and special days of diversity community, as we live in multicultural society and we need to know about each country and each culture, so we can provide and add many physical, cognitive, sensory and emotional activities to the daily, weekly and monthly program and with the program we can add , create, and letting the resident know about the new activity consumers giving them choices , likes , preferences, encouragement, interacting with their language , or eye contact, q cards and hands, body signs, prompting them to join meaningful, enjoyable, happiness, laugh, and a big reward for our DT team is to see a big smile traces on consumers' faces end of day.

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