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Jenny 31st Jan 2024 Lifestyle
I wondered if anyone would like to start a pen pal group between my facility and yours. We are located in Australia in Victoria. So even if someone from Australia wants to do it let me know please
Susan 1st Feb 2024 Lifestlye
Hi Jenny, I think some of my residents would actually love doing that. I am located in Wahroonga Sydney,
Susan 2nd Feb 2024 Activity Director
Hi Jenny
No one has asked this question in a while, but this article including comments will be helpful to you
Country 2nd Feb 2024
That would be awesome! [email protected] - Justin Zimmerman
Laura 3rd Feb 2024 Regional Director Of Memory Care
If I can get it approved from facility, I would love to pen pal from our Cherished Memories Unit. It is made up of residents suffering with Alzheimer's and dementia. We could share artwork with you, and I can transcript for them and reply. We would love to learn about your country and see some photos as we are in the United States and could share some of our beautiful country as well. Please let me know if you are interested. Thank you.
Lauren 4th Feb 2024 Activity Director ALF
What a great idea!!!!!! I’m going to put this on my calendar and see if anyone is interested!
Jenny 4th Feb 2024 Lifestyle
My email is [email protected]
My Facility is in Benalla Victoria
Please email me and we can talk about how to do l am sure it will be good for all
Sandy 7th Feb 2024 Recreation Therapist
We started one but many of the residents didn't get letters back and some were disappointed.
We are a long term care facility in Canada. Would love to try again.
[email protected]
Lisa 7th Feb 2024 Life Enrichment Director
We would love to do this with someone. How many people do you have that are interested in doing the pen pal system?
Jenny 13th Feb 2024 Lifestyle
Hi l think we will run the pen pals as a facility activity for all residents to participate sending a bulk number of letters. With information and other things the residents would like to share. The address of my facility is
Lisa 14th Feb 2024 Life Enrichment Director
This is fantastic and will be so fun for our residents!
Rushseba Senior Community
Attn: Lisa Marie Westberg
700 W. 14th Street
Rush City, MN 55069
Laura 16th Feb 2024
We are currently doing this with a local school. The residents LOVE getting cute letters from the 1st & 2nd grade students. And their teacher has told me that the kids love is so much as well. We are going to plan a picnic in May so everyone can meet each other.
Kemi 20th Feb 2024 Engagement Lead
Yes please, this is such a good idea.
We are a nursing/residential care home for the elderly in the UK..
My email address is [email protected].
John 22nd Feb 2024 Activites Manager
I would love to give this a try with are residents; we are a small private care home in the heart of the Cotswold's. My email is [email protected] if any one would like to contact me.

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