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Kate 12th Dec 2013 leisure&Lifestyle assistant
Hi Team, A few of our residents would like to have a go a Card Making, any ideas
Alison 17th Dec 2013
Residents in our nursing home have just mad Christmas cards to sell at the front desk, they cannot keep up the demand.
Cardboard and Christmas wrapping paper, so simple but very effective!
Sheena 17th Dec 2013 OTA
At our facility they just love doing this. We purchased a sizzix machine and some dies and so they can cut out little things themselves to stick on. So many ideas if you have one of these little machines.
Kim 18th Dec 2013
I make up kits. All the cutting has been taken care of. Its a matter of assembling. Its very basic card stock and simple paper embellishments with ribbon. They have also made calendars for next year and christmas boxes. There are many residents unable to do craft so I do it as a craft demonstration and make the craft standing in front. I teach from what we need and the steps to take to complete the item. I then ask who would like one and continue demonstrating that item until everyone has one made for them. I ask residents what do we do next at each step after I have done a couple. Its amazing the responses and just about right every time. I show residents what equipment I used to make the kits. They love it. The enjoyment is written all over there faces whether its me demonstrating or the residents making themselves. For christmas my family are purchasing me a sizzix - more fun for residents with new idea kits coming.

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