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Alexis 1st Jan 2014 Diversional therapist
Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone can reccommend DT resource magazines that are useful when programming. My old facility utilised Activities 2 go which was great. Also after resources to order resources such as craft/sensory items etc. Thanks for your help
Pauline 2nd Jan 2014 Activity Officer/AIn
HI Alexis to my knowledge all there is left as rescourses for Australian Rescources is the Golden carers group and books from the australian section of B&s Books, The activity to go magazine seized publication in dec 2012 which was a very sad day and it is still needed by ao's today. This wonderfull magazine became the ao's bible until Golden Carer's came along. The other thing you could try is to ask your residents yes even the one's with dementia what they would like to do. I used to aske my residents every day morning and afternoon if the activity planned was the activity they wanted to do and if they did not want to do it we chose the one they did. Due to this reasoning I got to know my residents very well also their likes and dislikes, If more than one activity we would select two and take a vote and the winning one would take place and the residents knew that their activities of choice would come later. If possible at times I had residents sitting at different tables in groups participating in all activities of choice if they were things like reading, puzzles, folding and cards. pauline
Talita 6th Jan 2014
Hi Alexis,

Golden Carers will be releasing a print publication in the next few months.

We'll keep you posted.

tina 27th May 2014
hello Golden Carers,

I was just wondering when and if the print publication has come out yet. Waiting in excited anticipation.
Thank you so much for all the great ideas and the encouragement that you and your followers share. Before I joined Golden Carers I felt like I was the only RAO on the planet. Thank you Golden Carers its good to be part of a RAO family

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