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Activity Officer/AIn From New South Wales, Australia


Pauline 14th Mar 2013 Activity Officer/AIn


I meed help I have two male residents in a Dementia Unit that hate each on sight and every afternoon at the same time they start fighting with each other does anyone have any ideas to try and distract them everything I have tried is not working.
Pauline 31st Oct 2011 Activity Officer/AIn

Things that go Together Quiz

Tried this activity in the Dementia Unit recently residents loved it and have asked for more. Pauline NSW
Pauline 31st Oct 2011 Activity Officer/AIn


Solange, thankyou for creating the colouring in library it will help us find them easier and the categories are great could we please have some suitable templates for men as I have recently discovered they will not paint flowers or cartoons, I have been told they are for girls by a male resident who loves to paint. Pauline NSW
Pauline 12th Jan 2011 Activity Officer/AIn


Hi solange The other markets to go to for games and puzzels are carrara markets on the gold coast and I use baby wipes to clean my wooden puzzles and make sure the residents that use them have nothing contagious that they can pass on.
Pauline 11th Jan 2011 Activity Officer/AIn


Hi everyone, recently I got two very good puzzles from Aldi for $10.00 each and my residents love them as they go across two tables and they are large enough to see and handle with poor vision and arthritic hands. I also got from the local markets near my home town some raised puzzles with pegs in them that fit into shapes on puzzle boards for high care residents to feel and see where they go. They did not cost much. May I suggest that you visit the nerang markets on your way to pacific fair one weekend as I know thay have great education and children' toy booths with what you may be looking for at decent prices.
Pauline 19th Nov 2010 Activity Officer/AIn

Thumbs Up for the Recreation Therapy Community!

Yes this is true, why can't the carer's and dometics of our facilities see that what we do is as important as their jobs, we might come across as crazy and confused at times,but look at what we do thank you solange for making the job worthwhile and showing you care and let us all remember when a resident laughs and smiles at something we have said and done that is what counts not what the other staff think. Merry Christmas Everone and even Happier New Year to come. Pauline
Pauline 7th Nov 2010 Activity Officer/AIn

Colour Sorting

This works really well with High Care Dementia residents I also use pegs of different colours as the residents are able to work out that they can peg the pegs onto the sides of the baskets they use and the activity lasts longer. Pauline
Pauline 10th Sep 2010 Activity Officer/AIn


Hi solange thanks for the wonderful site and information you provide. You are also doing a wonderful job for AO's/DT's all around the world by helping us make and maintain contact with each other. Tnankyou for your wonderfull support and ideas and please keep them coming as we desperately need them. Pauline
Pauline 10th Aug 2010 Activity Officer/AIn


Hi Solange, I am currently working as an AO/DT in a NSW facility and I am very interested in signing up for the postcard exchange program you are trying to get up and running. I feel it would be good for my Dementia Residents to have pen Pals from other states and this sounds a great way to do it. Pauline