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Deirdre 21st Jan 2014 leisure & Lifestyle / Nurse
I am wondering what Leisure and Lifestyle staff are paid an hour, also whether you work in private or Goverment facilities. I am working in the Private Sector and am paid just on $20 per hour. Cheers M
leanne 31st Jan 2014 diversional therapy services manager
The pay rates vary depending on whether or not supervision of staff is required. Non supervisory 18$ an hour and supervisory is about 19-20$ an hour. Private
Public $23 an hour. In NSW.
patricia 2nd Feb 2014 Recreational Activity Officer
Hi Deirdre, my current pay rate is $18.84 an hr. We had EBA (work placement agreement) to go into place sometime this year. If we are lucky enough we might be paid over the magical $19 something an hr. We were told we should be grateful for this increase.

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